Content Development


 After a face-to-face conversation, the best way to convey your company story is through the written word. From press releases, to websites and product backgrounders, I’ll work with you to develop language that resonates with your target audiences. 



 I can help you determine if your company would benefit from increased visibility. If so, we can work together to develop messages, slide and poster presentations, and/or media plans to raise the visibility of your company and its technology. 


 Communications should not be pursued for the sake of communications. We’ll work together to determine what, if any, communications efforts are appropriate for your company, at your stage of development; and will evolve these efforts as you grow over time.




My experience includes a decade at large multinational communications agencies to small and mid-sized healthcare-focused organizations. I’ve worked in-house in a biotechnology company communications department, and at the bench at Thomas Jefferson University and Princeton University. I understand the challenges and urgencies of a small life sciences company and the complexity of scientific research. I believe that my varied experiences enhance my ability to relate to and partner with today’s life sciences executives on their strategic and tactical communications efforts.